On Monday, October 17, the film The distracted mother will enter into the Cinema Cinergia of Rovigo. In addition to playing a part, I will be present as a composer with my different songs including: Toward that light, a song for piano and string quintet, Afrita, Sunrise, my rhythm and with just one drum. Some of these songs are taken from live performances of my project IM Trio with Nick Muneratti, Alfonso santimone and Daniele Santimone. This film by Ferdinando De Laurentis received an important prize of the critics at the last international Film Festival of Venice.

The Careless Mdare


Today I want to show you another song that I recorded in Enrico Cipollini's album. It's called Nobody. It is a song in which the battery is thought of as a percussive loop. Use of the reverse Shangai chopsticks, with the snare without tailband working with the sound of the edge and the skin stopped mixing it with the Tom, timpani and crate.

Late Night Train is a song that I recorded in Enrico Cipollini's album Stubborn Will. I created this part of the battery starting from the idea of the noise of the train and using a little "tricks" timbric. In This video i show the set I used and the part played.