Iarin Munari

Drummer, composer, producer, arranger and teacher.  He’s been working since 1996 on tours, festivals, cds, tv and radio shows with great artists of the italian pop singer songwriter scene and international blues jazz soul scene like Stadio, Roberto Vecchioni, Paolo Belli, RAI Telethon, Larry Ray (Drifters, Temptations, Platters, Jestofunk), Ruggero Robin, Jay Tee Teterissa (Candy Dulfer), Scott Steen (Royal Crown Revue), Enrico Crivellaro and many others

He’s the owner of the IM Drums School, a drums school with a head office in Fiesso Umbertiano (RO – Italy) that draws students from all over whole country. From September 2014 he’s the owner of Making Music School, a school a of music for all instruments in collaboration of the Municipality of Occhiobello (RO – Italy)

As producer he has recently released the cd of his own project Free Jam titled “What about the funky?” spread nationally and internationally.

He worked on the artistic production of young talents as Marialaura Tessarin, Phil Grandini, the Nigerian artist Anthony Obua and many others.
He is the composer of the song “Non so io ma tu” performed by the legendary Italian band “Nomadi” , one of the most famous band in Italy.

He plays the following brands:

Iarin Munari

<!--:it-->What About The Funky?<!--:--><!--:en-->What About The Funky?<!--:-->

What About The Funky?

The cd of my funk project Free Jam.

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Stadio live @ Casinò Rama

Toronto – Canada

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<!--:it-->La Madre Distratta<!--:--><!--:en-->La Madre Distratta<!--:-->

La Madre Distratta

Monday, 17th October movie La Madre Distratta (Distracted Mother) will be out at Cinergia Cinema in Rovigo (IT). In addition to acting a part, I’ll be present as a composer with several songs: Toward that light, a song for piano and string quintet, with clips of Afrita, Sunrise, Il mio ritmo and with a Drum Solo. Music from live performances of my project IM Trio with Nick Muneratti, Alfonso Santimone and Daniele Santimone. This film by Ferdinand De Laurentis has received a special critics award at the last Venice Film festival.
la mdare distratta



Today I wanna show you another song that I recorded on Enrico Cipollini new cd. It’s called Nobody. It’s a song where the drums is a percussive loop.I’m using a reversed Shanghai sticks, with the snare drum without tailpiece and working with the sound of the cross stick and the skin stopped mixing it to tom, floor toms and bass drum.

<!--:it-->Late Night Train<!--:--><!--:en-->Late Night Train<!--:-->

Late Night Train

Late Night Train is a beautiful song that I recorded on Enrico Cipollini’s latest cd Stubborn Will. I created this drum part starting from the idea of train running and using some “tricks” sound. In this video I show the set that I used and the part played

First preview of the new album

Video from Stadio’s stage- Sorprendimi

<!--:it-->Acqua e Sapone dal mio primo concerto con gli Stadio<!--:--><!--:en-->Acqua e Sapone from my first concert with Stadio<!--:-->

Acqua e Sapone from my first concert with Stadio

<!--:it-->In tour con gli Stadio<!--:--><!--:en-->New tour with the legendary italian band Stadio<!--:-->

New tour with the legendary italian band Stadio

On tour with the Italian Legendary band Stadio from August 19th .
Here some shots of the first 2 concerts.

Video & transcription

Afro for michy

<!--:it-->Drums Solo on Tune 88<!--:--><!--:en-->Drums Solo on Tune 88<!--:-->

Drums Solo on Tune 88

New drums solo from IM Trio

Iarin Munari Drums School

IM Drums School

IM Drums School is drum school founded by Munari Iarin.
In addition to the main office where Iarin Munari teaches in Fiesso Umbertiano (RO – Italy) , one branch is active at Making Music School – Occhiobello (RO – Italy) – Professor Paride Toniolo;

IMDS performs regularly in drumline shows in clubs, theatres, squares, big companies’ convention, and collaborates with great national artists.
The school involves the best students in these activities offering them a real opportunity to confront and to be carried into the world of professional music.


IM Drums School
di Iarin Munari

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